Domains of Human Development

Cognitive and Sensory
Physical and Motor
Social and Behavior
Self-Help and Adaptive Development

Developmental Milestones

Parents: Being a parent is one of life’s greatest experiences. Use this guide to see just how your child is developing. Every child grows and learns in his/her own way and at his/her own pace. If your child cannot do two or more things at his/her age level, you may want to get more information. A good place to start is your local Intermediate Unit.

6 Months

  • Rolls from stomach to back
  • Reaches for toy
  • Transfers toy from one hand to the other
  • Looks for noise made near him
  • Makes Sounds for specific reasons (hunger, wet)
  • Helps hold bottle while drinking
  • Plays with toes
  • Pats mirror image
  • PUTS everything into his mouth
  • Watches toys held in front of him and moved slowly

1 Year

  • Sits without support
  • Pulls pulls self to stand
  • Crawls on all fours
  • Understands the meaning of NO and BYE-BYE
  • Repeats sounds made by others
  • Feeds self cookies or crackers (may not be neat)
  • Waves BYE-BYE
  • Plays “Pat-a-Cake” or “Peek-a-Boo”
  • Turns pages of a magazine or book (more than one at a time)
  • Picks up small objects with thumb and index finger

2 Years

  • Walks well
  • Walks up steps, two feet on a step
  • Speaks several words which are understandable and meaningful
  • Refers to self by name
  • Recognizes self in mirror
  • Feeds self with spoon (may spill some)
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Occupies self in play
  • Plays with an adult (rolls ball to adult)
  • Builds a tower of four blocks
  • Puts two words together: “More juice.”
  • Shows body parts (eyes, nose, toes) when asked

3 Years

  • Walks up steps, one foot for each step
  • Walks on tiptoes
  • Runs easily
  • Unbuttons buttons
  • Unwraps candy
  • Uses words to make needs known
  • Speaks in three-word sentences: “Mommy go home.”
  • Undresses self
  • Is toilet trained
  • Helps adults (when told) by putting away toys and clothes
  • Turns pages one at a time
  • Recites nursery rhymes: “Mary had a Little Lamb”
  • Imitates adults doing simple tasks