Withdrawal/Refund Procedures

Once registered for a workshop, event or course, full participation is expected. Maximum benefit to the participant can only be obtained when the sessions(s) are attended in full. In addition, when participants cancel at the last moment or choose not to attend it impacts other professionals, presenters, IU staff and related costs that can not be recouped. 

Participants are responsible for keeping his/her personal profile and employment information current in The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit’s online registration system or your district’s MyLearningPlan record. Updated profile data ensures that information relevant to workshops such as confirmations, updates, and cancellations reach all of the intended recipients.

Course Withdrawal/Refund Procedure

Workshop Withdrawal/Refund Procedure

When registered in the MCIU Online Registration System for a course, workshop or event, the participant is responsible to “drop” by using the “drop” option within the Online Registration System.

To drop a workshop or event follow these steps:

1. Log onto the Online Registration System.

2. Locate the workshop or event and click on the title.

3. Select the “drop” option.

If you are having difficulty canceling your registration, locate the contact person listed under “Need more info?” in the course details screen for assistance.