gifted in pa

In a significant milestone for education equity in Pennsylvania, MCIU Project Consultant Patrice Semicek from the Office of Organizational and Professional Learning played a pivotal role in securing a monumental $3.5 million grant.

This funding marks the launch of the Pennsylvania Gifted Equity Initiative (PGEI), a groundbreaking program aimed at expanding access to gifted education throughout the state. Under the guidance of Patrice Semicek (Montgomery County Intermediate Unit), Amy McShane (Allegheny Intermediate Unit), and Shirley Moyer (Pennsylvania Department of Education), PGEI seeks to provide schools with the tools, training, and resources necessary to identify and serve culturally, linguistically, and economically disadvantaged students. Through Patrice’s dedication and expertise, this initiative promises to create systems-level change, fostering a brighter future for students, families, and communities across the Commonwealth.

This five-year grant will drive substantial progress in 400 school districts, representing 80% of districts in Pennsylvania. PGEI will collaborate with state-level leads, Intermediate Units (IUs), and local education agencies (LEAs) to advance equitable practices in gifted identification. Furthermore, the program will work closely with national leaders in equity, encouraging collaboration between institutions of higher education and providing crucial support and training to families. This remarkable achievement underlines Patrice’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and ensuring that gifted students from all backgrounds have the tools they need to thrive.

For more detailed information, we encourage you to read the official announcement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, available here.



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