The 2022 Media and Design State Competition awards ceremony was held virtually on 5/25/22.  Students from our MCIU Regional Competition who won First Place advanced to the State Competition.

Congratulations to our 4 winners from Montgomery County!

  • Middle School 3D Design – Austin Yeh from Wissahickon MS with the project Catch-A-Doo – 1st Place
  • Middle School Animation – Grace O’Donnell from Wissahickon MS with the project 50 Shades of Green – 2nd Place
  • Midde School Digital Movie – Madeline Krassner from Abington Junior HS with the project Be You – 2nd Place
  • Middle School Web Page Design – Eric Jiang, Andrew Li, and Ray Pelietier from Wissahickon MS with the project Mathemagic: Relaunched – 3rd Place
  • Middle School Graphic Design and Logo – Emma Brocklesby from Wissahickon MS with the project Emma’s Logo – 3rd Place

1st Place winners receive $150, 2nd Place winners receive $100, and 3rd Place winners receive $50.

For more information on this and other student events, please visit:

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