about mciu

Our Mission

 The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, a dynamic educational service agency provides…

  • visionary leadership
  • impactful services
  • and strategic solutions

that maximize access and opportunities for all learners.

What is an Intermediate Unit?

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit is one of 29 Intermediate Units formed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 1971 to provide support to local school districts. Created to replace the County Office of Superintendent, intermediate units provide special services as needed by the educational community in their service area. Through cooperation and collaboration among schools and community agencies, intermediate units work to provide innovative, responsive and cost-effective programs that save taxpayers millions of dollars annually. Pennsylvania’s intermediate units provide direct and indirect classroom support to more than two million students and nearly 147,000 school professional staff in Pennsylvania.

While there are 29 intermediate units in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, no two intermediate units are alike. Each is uniquely shaped by the region it serves and the needs of its member school districts. Each IU performs a number of roles. Intermediate unit employees are simultaneously vendors, service providers, grant writers, financial and management specialists, researchers, advisors, advocates and facilitators.

Today, the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides a vast array of effective and efficient services that meet the educational and social service needs of Montgomery County’s 200-plus schools, including the 22 public school districts, more than 150 nonpublic schools, four career-technical schools, three charter schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Funding sources include state subsidy, government and foundation grants, contributions from districts and fees for service.

Our goals

Improve student learning by coordinating, expanding, and enhancing professional development for school district, non-public school, and other education related personnel.

Dedicate resources to research and development efforts to ensure that MCIU leads efforts to identify future trends, cultivate best practices, spearhead countywide initiatives related to education, and increase entrepreneurial opportunities.

Collaborate with school districts and non-public schools to develop an array of programs to serve students with disabilities and students needing alternative learning opportunities.

Provide an effective early learning service delivery system by aligning systems, practices, and policies with state and federal guidelines.

Implement sound management and fiscal practices in support of overall organizational operations.

Ensure that safe and educationally sound facilities are available to all students and staff.

Cultivate and foster positive parent, community, business, and governmental relationships to promote and market our services.

Develop a culture of trust, respect, and transparency that permeates throughout the organization.