Act 45: Everyday Leadership Conversations: Enhancing Your Leadership With-It-Ness with Ray Jorgensen

Cultivate the ability to inspire and transform those you lead by engaging in the practices of leadership presence and awareness. Leadership with-it-ness is the iterative process of designing, reflecting and adapting to feedback loops in order to sustain a culture of psychological safety, continuous learning and trust. The feedback loops of leadership presence and awareness create a space for personal mastery to unfold. When conversations or events deviate from expected outcomes, a leader who displays with-it-ness responds with gratitude and recognition of those in the room. They have the awareness to notice if the space is safe and the presence to adjust their focus to ensure the desired outcomes are produced. Developing leadership with-it-ness is essential for sustaining a learning culture and creating a space for academic achievement.

Sessions: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM