Wednesday, August 25, 2021
– 11:00am

How can launching the year with independent reading build a collaborative community of learners? With over a year of unprecedented learning, participants will learn how to plan a unit of study around independent reading in order to support students in gaining back their stamina, fluency, and joy of reading and writing. Participants will explore how to:

-Cultivate habits of reading through in-class reading time
-Empower students to make choices through a wide range of genres
-Create discussion and writing experiences in response to reading
-Give books talks from a variety of texts and voices
-Use conferring as a tool for assessment, monitoring progress, and goal setting
-Support students in developing their identity as readers
-Support readers to build stamina and fluency
-Model self-monitoring and goal setting strategies
-Use mentor texts to increase the complexity and demands on readers and examine writer’s craft

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