Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor said Tuesday that broken business operations of the Harrisburg School District, after two years of intense oversight from his office, are now ready to stand on their own two feet and will be taken off of a cycle of special real-time audits by his staff.

The declaration of operational stability is a major, albeit fundamental milestone for the struggling city schools, and one that district leaders celebrated at a mid-day press conference with declarations that they can now more effectively turn their full attention to improving education and student achievement.

“It’s exciting that we’re finally getting to the point where students are at the focus of our work. We couldn’t say that two years ago,” said Chris Celmer, who served as Acting Superintendent in Harrisburg through the end of June

“There was a lot of noise around operations, procedures, business, finance, et cetera. All very important ongoing to the operations of Harrisburg School District. But never should they be at the forefront of the news around the school district. And that’s what was happening here,” Celmer said.

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