Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, a regional service agency, provides services that meet the educational and social service needs of over 200 schools in Montgomery County, including public school districts, non-public schools, career-technical schools, charter schools, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

News & Updates

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The Rolling Hills Community in Pottstown is a proud partner and has provided our youth an opportunity to intern in the area of social services. Hasan has done great work assisting the community residents in a variety of ways during the COVID-19 pandemic serving as an essential worker. MontcoWorks NOW welcomes additional community partners who would like to learn about our Paid Work Experience Partnership! For information or details on how to enroll in the program or to be a community partner, please visit:

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Congratulations to our Early Learning Academy, a 2020 recipient of recognition for Universal (Tier1) Initial Implementation With Fidelity of Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS). Well done Head Start, Pre-K Counts, and Early Intervention!

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We are proud to announce the opening of Barista Buddies! Students from the Office of Student Services Transition Program have been hard at work getting ready for the launch of Barista Buddies located in the lobby of our building at 2 West Lafayette Street. Stop in to purchase a coffee or specialty drink from our students who are eager to serve you.


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Services for Students

The Early Intervention office is responsible for providing services to eligible young children ages three to age of beginner through an agreement with the Department of Education. Preschool children are eligible for early intervention services that exhibit a developmental delay of 25 percent or a disability and require specially designed instruction.

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Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Head Start and Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Pre-K Counts are FREE, federally-funded preschool programs for children from low-income families ages 3 to 5 in Montgomery County. These program offer no-cost educational, nutritional, and social services that help children prepare for success in school. MCIU’s preschool programs provide services to enrolled families, and also meets the needs of special populations, including children with disabilities.

Read More about Head Start
Read More about Pre-K Counts


Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP) is the perfect solution for those seeking an outstanding online educational program.  We can provide the high quality, supportive education that your student needs to succeed through our focus on student outcomes, program versatility, community engagement, and the personalization of learning.

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The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit [MCIU], Office of Student Services: Non-Public Schools administers the ACT 89 program in the eligible non-profit, non-public schools in Montgomery County. ACT 89 services include; counseling, psychological services, remedial reading and mathematics, and speech to eligible students attending eligible non-profit, non-public schools.

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the Office of Student Services focuses on providing programs and services to students through a variety of state and local partnerships. All partnerships are geared for student achievement and success.

The Anderson School Assistive Technology
Autistic Support Classroom Programs
Extended School Year Hearing Impaired
Intensive Emotional Support Multiple Disabilities
Orientation & Mobility Psychological
Related Services Transition Services
Vision Impaired Other Supports & Services

Assistive Technology allows students with disabilities to succeed at school-related tasks (reading, writing, communicating, listening, and many others) that they might otherwise be unable to do or to do effectively.

Our Assistive Technology Resource Center includes:

  • AT lending library
  • AT training center
  • Videos/webinars
  • Large group gatherings
MontcoWorks NOW serves at-risk youth and young adults who reside in Montgomery County, are between the ages of 14-24, and are presented with a significant barrier to completing or advancing in education or obtaining employment.

MontcoWorks NOW provides comprehensive, year-round programs and services for eligible youth and young adults who are either in school, have left school without a diploma and are now motivated and re-engaged, or have graduated and are unemployed/underemployed.

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The Children’s Hearing Center is a new durable medical goods provider. The Center is housed in the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and is staffed by Audiologists Kimberly Pagliaro, MA and Sarah Zavala, AuD.

The Children’s Hearing Center will dispense the following equipment: hearing aids and direct microphone (formerly FM) systems, earmolds, and batteries. In addition, hearing aids and direct microphone systems will be repaired through the Center.

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Services for Educators & Administrators

MCIU offers professional learning opportunities as a service to Educators. Workshops, trainings and courses featuring best practices and the latest research in education are intended to provide practical skills and information that promote professional growth and student success.

The Office of Professional Learning also helps districts respond to PDE initiatives, coordinates county-wide student events, facilitates group purchases and spearheads the creation of online learning options. 

Learn More about the Office of Professional Learning HERE

View our current offerings.

The Office of Professional Learning is honored to work with the amazing educators and leaders throughout Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Visit the MCIU Learning Network to view collaborations with school districts, teachers, school leaders, and guest speakers.

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit offers multiple programs designed to meet the mental health needs of Montgomery County School Districts. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Psychological, Social Work and Counseling Services
  • School Attendance Improvement Program
  • OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program
  • BrainSTEPS
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Digital Assessment Library
  • Mental Health Professional Development
  • Explorations Intensive Behavioral Health Services
  • Explorations Partial Hospitalization Program

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School safety starts with strong leadership: taking precautions to prevent crises in your building, developing a plan for disasters, and acting decisively if the unthinkable does occur.

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides resources to assist districts in addressing safety and security concerns within their schools.

Additionally, in a partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, the Office of Business Services helps to coordinate School Safety efforts within the County.

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In addition to hiring and recruitment, the MCIU Office of Human Resources supports our 22 Montgomery County School Districts, providing them resources and support for their daily work.   This includes the following:

  • Holding monthly meetings for our Montgomery County schools to collaborate on current topics and legal trends in the human resources field.
  • Coordinating workshops on best practices and facilitates programs that assist in the proper credentialing of school personnel.
  • Initiating partnerships with best in class providers to provide our districts with vendor solutions at reduced pricing.
  • Hosting an annual Montgomery County-wide Diversity Fair for our Districts to bring together District Administrators and candidates from around our region.


The Office of Community and Government Relations seeks to strengthen relationships with public officials and community stakeholders, increase the visibility of the organization, and forge partnerships to advance the mission of the organization.

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Events for Educators

Insider/Outsider: Examining the Values/Cultures/Systems that Taught Us so We Can Be Intentionally More Inclusive and Expansive in Perspective, Language and Action When We Teach Our Students.

The regional professional learning session will introduce educators to specific, pragmatic school climate intitives that they can implement in their schools.


Visible Learning is not another initiative to layer on top of other programs and priorities, nor is it a simple checklist of strategies. Rather, the work of Visible Learning stems from a deep understanding of the world’s most extensive evidence base on what works best in raising student achievement.

Events for Students

January 12-13, 2021

Dream It, Design It!

February 10, 2021


February 19, 2021

Governor’s STEM

March 9-10, 2021

PA Regional Academic Competition

April 8, 2021

PA Regional Media and Design Competition

May 11-14, 2021

24 Math Tournament