This VIRTUAL Act 48 learning opportunity with Dr. Ray Jorgensen consists of 3 2-hour sessions. Participants will be expected to login at the designated dates and times to participate.

Storytelling is a powerful leadership and learning tool. Many of the most impactful leaders and teachers are excellent storytellers since a well-crafted story and its telling resonates with the audience long after it’s been told. Stories build personal connections and relationships in a way that facts and information fall short. In this JLC leadership class, you will learn how to better incorporate storytelling in your leadership and teaching practice. After three short weeks, you will be able to create stories that weave together threads of any situation in a way that brings leadership communication to life for an audience.

Sessions Include: Storytelling as a Leadership Learning Tool, Telling Stories with Presence, and Sharing Your Stories.

Intended Audience: Educational Leaders, Administrators, and Teachers who value impactful presentation