Learning and the Brain

Learning and the Brain

Have you ever wondered how the brain works when it comes to learning? This course will explore the miracle that is the brain. You will explore the structure of the brain, the dynamics of memory, and the influence of emotions on memory and learning. This session links brain research to learning and teaching, including discussion around the importance of rehearsal. This course is a prerequisite for additional brain coursework. Throughout the course and subsequent modules, you will gain a deeper understanding of the neurodiversity of learners.

Learning and the Brain | Additional Courses

*The following courses may be taken once you have completed the Learning and the Brain foundations course listed above.

CVI-The Impact of a Brain-Based Visual Impairment on Learning

The brain is just as important as the eyes when it comes to seeing. Many vision problems are caused by areas of the brain that are needed for sight not working properly and cannot be resolved by wearing glasses. Until recently, a brain-related visual impairment was thought to be rare. According to new research, on average, every class of 30 children would have one or two children with at least one brain-related visual problem. In this course, you will learn about Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on learning. You will explore strategies to reduce barriers for learners, especially those with brain-based visual impairments.

Autism and the Brain

Scientists have spent a great deal of time looking at the brains of individuals with autism. Come to this session to learn what the science says and how educators can support their students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.