Mathematical Mindsets Book Study
Available beginning February 1, 2022

Mathematical Mindsets shares the research of Dr. Jo Boaler as well as many suggestions for helping you students develop a growth mindset in math. Throughout this book study, participants will reflect on their own relationship with math as well as gain strategies for approaching math in a way that does not reinforce negative experiences so many of us have had in a math classroom.

Limitless Minds Book Study
Available beginning April 20, 2022

“Every time we learn, our brains form, strengthen, or connect neural pathways. We need to replace the idea that learning ability is fixed, with the recognition that we are all on a growth journey” (p. 13) Come along with us while we learn about how our brains- and lives- are highly adaptable and what we can do to change our approaches to learning. This asynchronous book study will connect Carol Dwek’s work and Jo Boaler’s research through six key areas of focus.