MCIU’s School Nutrition Program recently coordinated the participation of many IU classrooms in FeedingPA’s #HearThePACrunch campaign.

 Hear the Pennsylvania Crunch! is organized by Feeding Pennsylvania, in collaboration with our nine member food banks, to spread the message that every child in Pennsylvania should have access to a healthyschool breakfast. Feeding Pennsylvania, through our statewide network of Feeding America-affiliated food banks, serves nearly 2 million low-income individuals, including nearly 500,00children, annually by distributing more than 164 million pounds of food throughout theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Research shows that eating breakfast helps children concentrate and learn while in school.Students who eat school breakfast perform better on tests, have better health, and are lesslikely to be absent from school. Hear the Pennsylvania Crunch! highlights the important roleof the School Breakfast Program in ensuring that all children have access to the healthy foodthat they need to succeed. School Breakfast programs are critical in supporting strugglingfamilies that are trying to stretch limited resources and in providing children with asignificant portion of the nutrition they need to learn and be healthy. 

School breakfast is a healthy way to start the day! We are proud of our School Nutrition Team and our classrooms who participated on March 9th. 

Be sure to check out the great photos from the day: