Michelle Cooley
Congratulations to our Adapted PE Teacher, Michelle Cooley, in the Office of Student Services for being selected as the PA Society of Health & Physical Educators Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year. The criteria for this award are:

The applicant must be a teacher who:

  1. Models the comprehensive roles and responsibilities necessary to implement adapted physical education services that align to the Essential Components for Physical Education as reflected in the SHAPE America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education as it best meets individualize needs indicated in the Individualzed Education Program and 504 plans.
  2. Purposely plans and successfully implements universal design for learning principles into daily lessons by differentiating instruction based on the diverse abilities of every student in each physical education class.
  3. Participates in a leadership/collaborative role that fosters an active healthy lifestyle beyond the physical education classroom (such as, but not limited to coaching, volunteering, developing programs and special events, and/or collaborating with families).
  4. Administers multi-confirming assessments and utilizes the data to develop and implement student Individualized Education Programs and 504 plans to guide instructional planning and decisions.
  5. Advocates for the profession and participates in professional development opportunities (such as, but not limited to: service through leadership, presentations, and/or writing).

Michelle is described as “a model team member and collaborator for the MCIU. Michelle ensures that not only her supervisor, but all team members at the MCIU and our supporting districts benefit from the services she provides to her students. She is an advocate for her students’ needs and is not ever fearful to ask for what is best for her students. She completes observations and assessments of her students in order to shape individualized and well-thought-out plans in student IEPs to help individuals meet their needs to support the movement towards inclusion in general education physical education and sports wherever possible. Without hesitation, Michelle always welcomes additional students to participate in her activities wherever appropriate and offers to support large-scale events for the students of the MCIU programs and additional schools she supports. Michelle will often seek out additional opportunities to learn and engage with the Adapted Physical Education community during her training and development days. She is an eager learner and always looking to improve her practice and instruction.”

Congratulations Michelle on this well-deserved recognition!

Michelle Cooley


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