We would like to congratulate one of our MCIU Transition Program students on becoming a permanent member of the MCIU family by accepting a Program Aide position in our Pre-K Counts Program at our Early Learning Academy. Through her time in the transition program, Lindsay enhanced her social skills, career acquisition skills, and career retention skills all of which put her in a strong position to excel as a Program Aide.

Lindsay was always excited when she got to go into a Pre-K Counts classroom as a transition student. Rebecca DeSantis, Supervisor of the Pre-K Counts program noticed her excitement and willingness to help the program. Some of the things that Lindsay enjoys doing as a Program Aide include reading to the students, playing in centers with them, and assisting the program with the jobs in the kitchen.

When Lindsay is delivering meals to the classrooms she always says hello to any staff she sees in the hallway. She has recently started working with small groups of ELL students while assisting in the classroom on identifying and saying some common English words.