The MontcoWorks NOW (MWN)  team coordinated an opportunity for MWN participants to visit the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) headquarters in Philadelphia. After breakfast at the MCIU, MWN participants took the regional rail to SEPTA headquarters and met with Rochelle, Manager for Legislative Affairs. The tour started with a visit to see a retired SEPTA trolley car where Rochelle shared information about upcoming projects for upgrades to SEPTA’s current transportation options and SEPTA’s community based projects.

MWN participants also got to visit the control center to meet with and hear from two members of the SEPTA HR team. They learned about the different job opportunities and the benefits of working at SEPTA. A Transportation Manager for SEPTA shared how he obtained his role and some of his many responsibilities. Afterwards the group toured the control room, had lunch and took the regional rail back to the MCIU. Everyone on the tour was very grateful to SEPTA for the opportunity to learn more about their organization and the many roles they hire for that MWN participants might wish to pursue.

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