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Congratulations to our MontcoWorks NOW clients for completing Manna On Main Street’s Common Grounds Food Service Training on Friday, November 12th.  Tyler and Jackson completed this 8-week class and obtained ServSafe certifications, and also received culinary and life skills training through the program.

Manna on Main Street is committed to ending hunger and the joblessness that fuels this instability. The Common Grounds Food Service Training to Employment Program is a free, eight-week training program that utilizes the national, evidence-based Catalyst Kitchens model. Trainees engage in experiential learning, contributing to food production in Manna’s mission-driven kitchen and service of Manna’s Common Grounds Café and Common Grounds Catering Program, gaining additional job-ready experience (café and catering experience is not currently being offered due to COVID-19 impact). Instruction in food service and employment competencies furthers skill development, with social services provided based on trainees’ needs. All trainees graduate with the goal of securing food service employment and a successful, sustainable career.

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