MCIU Office of business services

The Office of Business Services provides a variety of back-office school business support services, including, but not limited to: Accounting support, Business Management, Payroll Processing, and Purchasing Support. Services are provided both short and long term and are customized to meet the needs of the school entity.

business office support services

Provides back-office school business support services, customized to meet the school entity’s needs.

classroom learning spaces

Offering cost savings from vendors providing flexible classroom furniture and equipment that is student-centered and culturally responsive.

Conference Center

For business meetings, training sessions, and more, the Conference Center is the ideal space for large and small events.

copy & print center

Provides printing, copying, and shredding services to all Montco schools and government agencies.

cooperative purchasing

Involving small diverse businesses as service providers and vendors supporting MCIU operations via the Joint Purchasing Consortium.

financial wellness for educators

Provides an ongoing, no-cost 10-week course on financial wellness for educators in Montco Public Schools.

School Nutrition Programs

Dedicated to feeding people of all ages through school and community programs.

grants development & management services

Provides grants development and management services to support schools with their funding needs.

pupil transportation

Provides specialized transportation for students with disabilities, after-school programs, and more.

school based access program

Programs that allow LEAs to receive federal Medicaid reimbursement for students.

southeastern pa schools trust

Provides Trust Management Services to school entities in southeastern PA to gather resources for success.


Current Bids & RFPs

Click the button below for a compilation of the current bids and RFPs proposed for the upcoming fiscal year.

idea forms

Click below for information on the financial process for IDEA funds in Montgomery County.

facilities management

Creating accessible spaces for MCIU programs and services.

MCIU Financials

Review annual financial reports, audited financial statements, and our general fund budgets. 

right to know

Request access to public government records.

Sandra M. Edling

Sandra M. Edling

Chief Financial Officer, Director of Business Services

Jonathan Alessi

Jonathan Alessi

Assistant Director of Business Services

Program Contacts

Bukola Bedu

Program Administrator, Operations

Keith Henley

Facilities Supervisor

Andria Shields

Payroll Services Supervisor


Supervisor of Financial Services