MCIU Rapid Response Team 

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU) Rapid Response Team provides valuable support to childcare centers when preschool-aged children (0-5) exhibit challenging behaviors that put them at risk of expulsion or suspension, even if they are not currently receiving Early Intervention services. Please contact us at or 484.685.1811

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Rapid Response Team: Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors

The Rapid Response Team provides short-term assistance to childcare centers and preschools in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to help manage challenging behaviors and prevent expulsions or suspensions. Our process includes:

    Information Gathering:

    We interview the center director, classroom teacher, and the child’s parent to understand the behaviors, history, and any changes that may be contributing factors.


      Our team observes the child in the classroom setting to identify triggers and patterns of behavior.


    Based on the information gathered, we provide strategies and tools for staff to use proactively and reactively to address the behaviors. We may also suggest outside support services for the child or family.


    We check in with the center to ensure the strategies are effective and provide additional support if needed.

    If your child is at risk of expulsion or suspension due to challenging behaviors, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Rapid Response Team. We’re here to help create a safe and nurturing environment for all children. Contact us today to schedule our support services.


    What to expect from rapid response flyer image - link to pdf is below

    What to Expect from Rapid Response

    The Rapid Response team is available to assist in managing difficult behaviors causing classroom interference. Please use this easy reference guide to answer any questions about the Rapid Response process including information about our plan, observations, recommendations, and follow-up. Please do not hesitate to contact your assigned responder with questions or concerns! 

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    flyer for expulsion and suspension. Click link below for pdf version in english or Spanish.

    Expulsion and Suspension (English)

    It is difficult to imagine that infants, toddlers, and preschoolers would be excluded or expelled from a childcare or preschool program because of their behavior. There is growing evidence that young children are asked to leave childcare and preschool settings three times as often as school-age children. There are resources for families who are experiencing this concern. 

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