Safe & Secure Schools

School Safety and Security Coordinators

MCIU 23 is dedicated to assisting school administrators navigate through the challenging world of safety and security. Our goal is to help you understand how to solve your safety and security issues so you can stay focused on providing excellent education to your students. We facilitate countywide School Safety and Security Job Alike group meetings once a month or more as needed, to provide trainings and to share best practices and legal requirements with members from each of our Montgomery County School Districts as well as our Career and Technical Centers. This group allows district representatives to come together and discuss current challenges, obstacles and solutions in our ever-changing world of safety and security. In addition, we provide support and guidance to all non-public schools throughout Montgomery County.

MCIU Safety Committee

The MCIU Safety Committee meets regularly to promote MCIU’s goals concerning safe schools. The committee consists of members from each Office throughout the Intermediate Unit. We stay focused on keeping our buildings, staff, students and visitor’s safe at all times. Building Assessments are completed to help improve our awareness of building and situational safety. It is the responsibility of the Committee to evaluate and revise current safety programs as needed, establish procedures for conducting and documenting the findings of periodic inspections to locate and identify safety and health hazards. Members make recommendations to correct and improve those identified hazards. As a group, we also review incident and accident reports and conduct follow up evaluations on the effectiveness of our current safety procedures.

Southeastern PA Regional Task Force

MCIU is part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force (SEPARTF) that is comprised of Montgomery County and its four neighboring counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia. This Task Force offers regional five county conferences and trainings at least once per year. In conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security, the SEPARTF has been in place for the last 23 years serving the local communities helping to prevent, prepare for, response to, and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters.

County Collaboration

MCIU works alongside the Montgomery County Office Public Safety and their local school safety specialists. We offer Building Assessments as well as assistance and guidance during any type of emergency or fire drills as requested for any school building in Montgomery County. We provide a full analysis with recommendations to help keep your building up to safety standards and regulations.   


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