Elementary Intensive Support Programs

Intensive emotional support Program

Intensive Emotional Support Program serves children and their families in Montgomery County providing special education services including behavioral interventions, social emotional learning/social skills instruction, and academic instruction. 

The primary goal of the Intensive Emotional Support Program is to provide a therapeutic environment with the support and structure for students who have been identified as requiring emotional and behavioral interventions.


Intensive autistic support Program

The Intensive Autistic Support program is a school-based treatment program designed for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder that has behavioral, social, and communication deficits that cannot be met in a traditional school setting.  The program implements the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop verbal, adaptive, academic, behavioral, and functional life skills.  This program also addresses significant problem behaviors using behavior reduction procedures.   These services are designed to provide maximum access to instruction while providing supports to either prevent the need for hospitalization, or as a transition back to the school setting.  Our program provides small group instruction from a certified special education teacher and two teacher assistants.  A full time Board-Certified Behavior Analyst is on site to provide behavioral interventions, written behavioral procedures, data collection, provide staff training, and consultation to all members of the IEP team.   This program also offers an on-site Licensed Social Worker to assist parents with community resources. In addition, our program offers Adaptive Physical Education to all students daily.  

Bruce Tinor

Bruce A. Tinor, Ed.D., BCBA., LBS

Program Administrator
Intensive Emotional Support Program (K-6)

Office: 484-808-7870
Cell: 484-683-5723

Bruce A. Tinor Ed.D., BCBA., LBS is the Program Administer for Elementary Intensive Support Programs.  Dr. Tinor specializes in working with students with autism, behavioral/emotional disorders, and intellectual disabilities.  He is passionate about the philosophical and scientific foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis, ethical decision making in the context of professional practice, collaboration across disciplines, helping students decrease maladaptive behaviors that create barriers to learning and increase behaviors that allow for a better quality of life.

Dr. Tinor began working as a special education teacher in the Allentown School District as an emotional support teacher. In the Washington Borough School District in New Jersey as an early childhood autistic support teacher and then as the Section 504 coordinator. Dr. Tinor also worked at the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 as the elementary Autistic Support Supervisor where he supervised approximately 40 classrooms.  

Dr. Tinor received his undergraduate degree from East Stroudsburg University in Early Childhood with a concentration in Special Education.  He received a master’s degree in Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University. He received master’s degrees in special education and educational leadership from Centenary College.  He received a post master’s degree in Education Leadership from Liberty University.  He received a doctorate degree in Special Education with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis from Slippery Rock University.  He attended Florida Institute of Technology where he completed the BACB verified course sequence.