Extended School Year

MCIU will continue to operate certain Extended School Year (ESY) classrooms, as well as coordinate the placement of students at ESY approved private school classrooms in the following program areas:

Elementary Intensive Emotional Support

School-based treatment program for children in need of behavioral and mental health treatment in an academic setting.

Multiple Disabilities

Our MDS Classrooms support K-!2 students with low incidence disabilities who require individualized support.

Autistic Support

Classrooms located across the County for K-12 students including placements with a foundation in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Competent Learner Model.

Hearing & Audiology

Testing, consultations, and other support services are available to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Vision, Orientation, & Mobility

MCIU offers vision support services for students to provide quality educational support by a certified TVI.

Transition Services

The MCIU Transition Program provides services and opportunities to help transition-age students prepare for their future. 

Daniel Currie

Assistant Director, Special Education Services

Lois winton

Administrative Assistant


Dan Currie has over 20 years as a special education professional, as both a teacher and special education administrator in Montgomery County.  Dan earned his undergraduate degree from Cabrini University, completed his Masters in Education from Penn State. He is currently working on his Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Immaculata University.  He has also served as adjunct professor at Cabrini University in the teacher preparation program.

Mr. Currie has spent his entire career in Montgomery County has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of supports and services available for students. He has also developed a strong expertise in special education regulations and data systems.  Over his tenure, his passion has been supporting students with low incidence disabilities.  The most complex learners deserve the most coordinated and systematic programming.