Non-Public School Services

ACT 89 [Auxiliary] Non-Public Services

ACT 89 [Auxiliary] Non-Public Services is a state funded program authorized by the Pennsylvania State Legislature and administered by the twenty-nine Intermediate Units of the Commonwealth. ACT 89 provides counseling, psychological services, remedial reading, remedial mathematics and speech to eligible students attending eligible non-profit, non-public schools.

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit [MCIU], Office of Student Services: Non-Public Schools administers the ACT 89 program in the eligible non-profit, non-public schools in Montgomery County.

Remedial Reading and Remedial Mathematics

Remedial instruction in reading and/or mathematics skills is provided to eligible students in eligible non-profit, nonpublic schools through a comprehensive program of referral, diagnosis, prescription, and instruction by a staff of Pennsylvania Department of Education certified remedial teachers and specialists directly employed by Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, Office of Student Services: Non-Public Schools.

Employing best practice assessment instruments and standards, students are referred for remediation by a school administrator or classroom teacher [1] at the end of the prior school year; [2] beginning of a new school year and/or [3] at mid-school year. The student is assessed and program eligibility determined. 

As a continuous, foundational skill development remediation program eligible students enter the program either at the beginning of the school year or at mid-school year. The continuous, foundational learning and skill development nature of the program supports such admission times.

Benchmark assessments to ascertain student growth and progress are administered in September, January and May. Results are shared with parents, school administrators and classroom teachers. Likewise. decisions for program continuation or program dismissal, based on significant academic and skill development growth for the latter, are determined.

The Remedial Reading and/or Remedial Mathematics program is supplemental to the student’s regular program of instruction. Signed parental/guardian consent is required for student participation in the Remedial Reading and/or Remedial Mathematics.

Equitable Participation

The MCIU provides Equitable Participation (EP) services for students, enrolled in nonpublic schools, who have been identified as eligible for special education services.  The MCIU EP team is comprised of MCIU psychologists, teacher trainers, learning specialists, specialized therapists (occupational therapist, vision therapist, etc.) and board-certified behavioral analysts. 

 EP services, offered by the MCIU, include:

  • Academic Consultation
  • Assistive Technology Consultation
  • Behavior Consultation
  • BrainSTEPS Consultation
  • Hearing and/or Vision Consultation
  • Interpretation of Special Education Paperwork
  • Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration
  • Program Development
  • Professional Development
  • Transition to Adulthood Assistance

For more information, please contact: Amanda Kern
(484) 808-7601 |

Federal Programs

TITLE I is a federally funded program that provides supplemental educational services (remedial reading and mathematics support) to educationally eligible students in Montgomery County. As part of a district’s [LEAs] TITLE I grant is an equitable participation component for eligible TITLE I students in the non-public schools.


Dr. Kenneth Voss

Dr. Kenneth Voss

Assistant Director, Non-Public Services


A referral for ACT 89 speech services can be made by a teacher or principal concerning a student’s communication skills. The speech-language clinician will conduct a screening and if further testing is necessary, parental permission will be requested. As a result of the testing, the student will be scheduled for speech therapy if he/she meets the eligibility criteria.

Speech-language clinicians work with students in individual, group and/or classroom settings during school hours. Speech-language services using consultative models are also provided.



AnneMarie Taylor  MS,CCC/SLP

AnneMarie Taylor MS,CCC/SLP

Program Administrator Speech and Related Services


Montgomery County Intermediate Unit school counselors work with students to help them solve personal and school problems.  Counseling services can be provided individually, in small groups, and for whole class guidance lessons.    

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services provide students with an opportunity to talk about their concerns in order to  help them relieve stress, manage emotions and solve problems.  

During counseling sessions MCIU school counselors help students recognize their abilities, build self-confidence and better manage school work.  Students may be referred for ACT89 counseling services by the school principal, a teacher or other school staff member, the parent(s) and/or the student (may self-refer).  Upon receiving the referral for counseling the school counselor will provide a Consent Form for the parent/guardian to sign.

Guidance Lessons

MCIU school counselors teach classes on a variety of topics depending on the age and needs of the students.  Common focus areas of guidance lessons include relationship building skills, coping strategies, conflict-resolution, resiliency, study skills and/or post-secondary/career counseling.                                      

MCIU school counselors can also act as a resource coordinator and as a consultant for teachers,  school staff and parents.  In addition MCIU counselors can conduct risk assessments to ensure student safety and serve as a facilitator for referrals leading to evaluations.

Psychological Services

Psychological services are provided to students who are experiencing difficulties in school to help identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses and assist the private/nonpublic school in educating the student.  The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, Office of Student Services: Non-Public Schools provides psychological services including psycho-educational evaluations, diagnostic evaluations, consultations, short-term therapy and/or crisis support.  

School psychologists perform evaluations of students to help determine the nature and extent of the difficulties.  Through the assessment, the psychologist also identifies strengths on which to base remediation or adjustments in support systems that promote learning and positive growth.

 A school psychologist can consult with the school team regarding individual students to develop interventions that address an academic or behavioral concern and meet with the school to review a student’s progress after interventions have been implemented

A school psychologist may also provide short-term or individual counseling relating to school adjustment problems with the objective of encouraging necessary long-term treatment.

In the event of a crisis, the psychologist conducts a risk assessment for students exhibiting life-threatening behaviors (e.g. cutting, suicidal ideation, etc.) and/or school-wide support following a traumatic event.  Psychological services, pertaining to crisis intervention, can also the psychologist performing a comprehensive threat assessment to ensure school safety.   

 Eligible nonpublic schools can make a referral for psychological services by sending completed referral paperwork to


Dr. Aviele Koffler

Dr. Aviele Koffler

Program Administrator Mental Health Services

ACT 89 Mental Health Services Brochure
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