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Our Strategic Partnership and Consortium Pricing Program is designed to align with vendors that will benefit MCIU and our constituent school districts, schools, and students as well as enhance our Strategic Partners’ reach into education based upon the association with our proven brand.

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is an online training solution dedicated to providing a cost-effective teacher professional development, classroom technology integration and software support solution that empowers educators to utilize technology to engage students and positively impact achievement. It boasts a library of thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial video clips as well as structured projects and workshops. The solution includes tech integration projects, workshops on such applications as Web 2.0 and iPads, assistive technology tutorials, teacher assessment tools, and tech skills assessment tools. Their trainings can also help you realize the full potential of mobile devices in the classroom and achieve success in implementing common core.

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cloud lock

As a cloud-to-cloud service, CloudLock is the only solution that can detect 100% of sensitive information in public cloud applications from corporate networks to mobile devices, on the road or any third-party data sources. CloudLock gives you the visibility and control you need to protect sensitive data in your public cloud applications, allowing for fast detection and response to risks such as oversharing, inadvertent exposure, malicious data extraction and cyberthreats. CloudLock ensures compliance with HIPAA and FERPA regulations.

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Member districts, students, faculty, staff, and employees can now take advantage of the Dell member purchase program. Enjoy perks and savings on the latest Dell products and select electronics and accessories.

MCIU/Dell Partnership Information

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Discovery Education Streaming

Enhancing classrooms with rich multimedia that is proven to increase student achievement, Discovery Education Streaming provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 111,000 standards-aligned digital resources that address multiple learning styles, support Common Core State Standards, and inspire students to explore their world. Discovery Education Streaming enhances curricula and engages today’s students in learning through instructional videos, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles.

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Discovery Education Streaming Plus

Add to the digital assets of Discovery Education Streaming with a collection of more than 150,000 standards-aligned digital resources. Highlights of additional Plus content include:

  • New custom-built Common Core hub supports the three fundamental components of educational practice – curriculum, instruction, and assessment to help support the transition to the CCSS
  • Model lessons and assessments designed to address specific Mathematics and English Language Arts standards to help transition teachers to the Common Core
  • 10,000+ of self-paced math tutorials spanning concepts from basic addition to calculus
  • Thousands of audio files including podcasts, classic literature audiobooks, children’s literature audiobooks from Scholastic, and numerous supplemental study aids for auditory learners
  • An animated Body Atlas that explores the inner-workings of the human body
  • 200+ Skill Builders to develop problem solving skills across core subject areas
  • 100+ animated games that reinforce math and language arts concepts
  • Over 3,000 additional videos from trusted content providers such as CBS News: The 20th Century, Globe Trekker, Rabbit Ears, and selections from Intelecom

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Level Data

State and Real Time Data Validation. When submitting student data to the state, data tends to be incorrect and returned for re-submissions. Errors are fixed, resubmitted, and rejected once again. The cycle continues. Break the cycle with Level Data’s Data Validation Suites for your PowerSchool SIS – Real-Time Validation and State Validation.

The Real Time Validation lets you see where errors are occurring as data is entered and maintained, with colored fields and icons to alert you to areas needing attention.

The State Validation Suite validates data in your PowerSchool SIS in accordance to the PDE reporting guidelines and identifies errors on a district-wide basis allowing for easy error correction. The State Data Validation Suite enhances PowerSchool by making sure that student, staff and district data are accurate. It removes the guess work and the need for creating numerous SQL reports to mirror the DQE rules. The state specific tool automatically validates and allows you to correct data BEFORE it is submitted to the state.

Your data never leaves the SIS, it requires little to no training, and the suite can save you up to 75% of your error correction time.

For more information:
Elaina Wrzesniewski | (610) 755-9445 |


Montgomery County Intermediate Unit’s partnership with PowerSchool offers LEA’s various hosting, implementation, support, and training service options for the PowerSchool Student Information System. School districts will have a comprehensive student information system that will serve all of their needs with a support mechanism in place so they can be successful with their implementation and utilization. The benefits of using PowerSchool through MCIU include working with PowerSchool trained and certified staff providing the highest level of PowerSchool support. By going with the local connection, districts can eliminate wait times and time zone differences encountered when contacting PowerSchool support. MCIU’s PowerSchool partnership gives LEAs access to trainings, workshops, user group meetings, and resources to assist with state reporting and PIMS requirements.

For more information:
Elaina Wrzesniewski | (610) 755-9445 |

School Messenger

SchoolMessenger is an on-demand notification solution for the education market. School districts may rely on the application to keep parents, staff, and students informed in both emergency and non-emergency situations.
The primary benefit of the system is its ability to share information quickly with students’ families, including school closings for inclement weather, power outages, emergency safety measures, transportation changes, and more. This allows district and building administrators to contact all affected families within moments. The system can also be used to notify parents about student absences if the attendance office has not been contacted.

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MCIU offers consortium pricing for Zoom licenses and webinar add-ons to hold large meetings that require 500, 1,000, or 3,000+ participants. Zoom license settings can be customized to meet the technical requirements of an LEA. A limited number of Zoom licenses are shared with our county school districts to host virtual board meetings.

For more information:
Elaina Wrzesniewski | (610) 755-9445 |