MciU Powerschool services & supports

Hours & Contact

Monday through Friday
8:00AM – 5:00PM


Support will be closed on approved MCIU holidays. Arrangements for support on weekends or holidays are available upon request.

Hosted Server Support

Our systems monitoring tools watch your PowerSchool server 24 x 7. If you experience an application outage, please email  and provide contact information.

Approved Technical Contact

The district will need to define individuals that are permitted to request support.

PowerSchool Support Blocks

  • To enable support, districts will need to purchase either a 20- or 40-hour support block.
  • PowerSchool end user support blocks via phone, email or virtually for support, customizations, and development.
  • Usage reports are available upon request.

PowerSchool Hosting and Support

  • Server hosting and backups (for main and test servers).
  • System upgrades.
  • Our systems monitoring tools watch your PowerSchool server 24 x 7.

Services available

PowerSchool System Audit/Assessments

MCIU’s PowerSchool assessment process is designed to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of an LEA’s PowerSchool student information system. The process consists of initial meeting, an on-site/off-site evaluation, and a final report.


MCIU can work with you to create your own unique look and feel for the web pages on your school’s PowerSchool server. Customizations can be costly when working directly with PowerSchool, but MCIU can save you time and money as a viable option when it comes to creating something new or making modifications.

Object Reports

Unique reports created from scratch that allow you to utilize different types of objects like text, line, box, circle, transcript, standard, fee list, picture, and sequence. MCIU can help with the creation of such object reports, which are best suited for hard-copy printed reports of your PowerSchool data like form letters, transcripts and report cards.

PowerTeacher Pro

MCIU offers support and training for teachers and administrators with PowerSchool’s HTML-based gradebook PowerTeacher Pro, which can incorporate assistance with converting from the old gradebook to PowerTeacher Pro and an LEA’s rollout process. Administrators can learn how to set up school- or district-level grading preferences and apply them to selections of schools to provide grading consistency and to save teachers time. Teachers can navigate to PowerTeacher Pro from the Teacher Portal and learn how this new robust functionality for managing the classroom, including advanced features for both standards-based and traditional grading will help them get their work done quickly and analyze student performance.

PowerScheduler Build & Load and Live-Side Scheduling

Offering supports when building and creating schedules utilizing PowerScheduler and ensuring that Prepared to Build checklist items are completed before proceeding with loading students into an LEA’s master schedule. Live-Side Scheduling supports come into play once the PowerScheduler Build and Load process has been completed, in which case an LEA is in the process of creating the master schedule and enrolling students into classes to create student schedules – Live-Side Scheduling only is the option often used by elementary schools.

Enterprise Reporting

MCIU offers support and training on how to use Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) tool to build and publish your own Enterprise Reporting reports. Access almost your entire PowerSchool database from APEX, including your custom database extensions. Learn how to use the Query Builder’s visual interface to create and run SQL (structured query language) reports without writing any SQL statements. You will also learn how to customize a report, save your customized report, and share them with others.

Collection Specific PIMS and State Reporting support within PowerSchool

Whether an LEA is trying to keep up with the constant state reporting changes or needs support with training, MCIU can be of service to facilitate such changes within your PowerSchool SIS or with understanding PIMS overall and the COGNOS reports platform itself.


Shane Lentz

Director of Technology Services