Pottstown Family Services provides numerous family services to the Pottstown area. These programs seek to strengthen positive parenting practices to increase child and family outcomes using research based strategies.

The STEP program is a free 8 session Parenting Education program designed to encourage effective communication between parents and their young child(ren). At these meetings, parents will learn about their parenting styles, their child’s development and temperament, and strategies to effectively parent their child based on such factors. Parents will also have the opportunity to practice their strategies and connect with other parents in their communities. 

The PAT program is a free home-based Parenting Education program designed to teach new parents positive parenting techniques. Childhood development basics are taught as well as learning about temperament, how to actively engaging the child, and learning how to effectively communicate and discipline. Parents are assigned a family advocate who guides the parent during activity-based lessons.

The MCIU Head Start program partners with Pottstown Family Services and is currently offering both programs in the Pottstown and ELA sites for all enrolled families who are interested.