RSVP provides a family literacy program titled the Lucky Readers Club. This program encourages families to read by providing literacy materials and a daily gathering that revolves around reading and related activities. RSVP provides numerous things, such as volunteers to assist with the Lucky Readers Club activities, materials for a home journal, and a donation of wrapped books for each child to keep up to 6 times per school year. The partnership provides parent workshops and reading tips hoping to encourage and motivate parents/guardians to actively read in their homes on a daily basis.

The Lucky Readers Club has a mascot, a Dalmatian dog named Lucky. Each classroom is provided one stuffed Lucky dog, and a tote bag containing a laminated picture of Lucky, some picture books and a journal. The teacher or assigned RSVP volunteer chooses a student to take several books home in the tote bag for a specified amount of time (i.e. 1-2 nights). The journal is also included in the tote bag, so that the parent can sit with their child and write down what they did with Lucky during their assigned time. When the child returns to school with the tote bag, Lucky, and journal, the class gathers during large group time to recite what was written in the journal.

RSVP also provides several gift books throughout the school year, each individually wrapped. These books are given  by the RSVP volunteer or teacher during the Lucky Reader Club portion of the day, each enrolled student receives a gift book accompanied by a parent newsletter offering tips and activities designed to enjoy time reading together at home.  There is also one given to the classroom, which can be opened during the Lucky Reader Club session and read out loud to the class.

Not every classroom has a RSVP volunteer, and some classrooms are fortunate to have multiple volunteers. We strive to place one volunteer in each classroom.