The MontcoWorks★NOW program assists Montgomery County youth and young adult participants through the career development process in a variety of ways. Job shadows allow our clients to get a glimpse into an occupation of interest at a local organization, which provides valuable insight into a career path. Job shadows can be a few hours, half a day, or a full day on a scheduled date and organized by the MWN team. A job shadow can consist of a tour, one on one or group meeting about the organization and/or industry, and opportunities to sit in on meetings or appointments if appropriate.

Our team would love to connect with local businesses for one or more of our participants who have expressed interest and possess a matched skillset for your industry. Job shadows are also mutually beneficial, as they may lead to a paid work experience (PWE) or direct hire opportunity for the participant. For more information or to participate, you can contact our Developer of Workforce Partnerships, Sara Hudson, at