SWIS is your comprehensive, online home for understanding the student behaviors happening in your building every day.

When you enter office discipline referral information, you document what’s happening school-wide. SWIS transforms these data in real-time so your teams can get students the support they need faster, sooner, and targeted to their specific needs.

Session One will discuss the steps for allowing teachers to submit their own referrals in SWIS without a paper form. These users can log in to a school’s SWIS account and enter referrals- both majors and minors. Users will be able to save referrals to work on later, designate reviewers for actions taken, and get an email confirmation when a referral needs your attention.

Referral-entry-only users will not have access to reports, your school-wide and individual student data will stay confidential.

Intended Audience: K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Coaches