The Mindful Classroom Series

Mindfulness is a practice that asks us to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and bodily sensations in a non-judgemental way. We will provide participants with fundamental skills and resources to embark on their own mindfulness practice. In this series, we will encourage participants to participate in their own mindfulness practice because it is vital for the teacher to practice mindfulness before exposing the skills to students. We will also expose participants to strategies that are perfect for the classroom.

SESSION TITLES (must attend all):
• Mindfulness, What’s the Big Deal?
• Mindfulness to Improve Attention and Concentration in the Classroom
• Cultivating Emotional Awareness in the Classroom
• Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety in the Classroom
• Mindfully Moving Forward

The Mindful Classroom Series II

This workshop was developed for teachers who successfully completed the Mindful Classroom Series. Teachers are expected to have maintained a daily mindful practice. Participants will meet for four sessions and will be exposed to and develop classroom application of mindful skills. Participants will develop and be supported with delivering mindful lessons to students. The course will sharpen participants’ abilities to bring mindfulness to their students by asking them to develop and model lessons to the group. There will be at least two hours of expected work conducted outside of each session, but Act 48 hours are provided for this requirement.


• Participants will craft mindful language appropriate for a variety of audiences, including students, parents, co-workers, and administrators.
• Participants will create and deliver classroom activities to teach mindfulness to children.
• Participants will gain access to and help create a Mindful Online Community that will compile classroom activities developed by peers.
• Participants will interact with the instructor by keeping a weekly reflective journal, that will ensure a personalized experience.